Virtual Financial Management

Pain Points

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Low profitability

  • Paying higher taxes

  • Incurring higher costs for accounting help

  • Cash flow issues (not generating enough)

  • Stress from not understanding the numbers

  • Tax or business risk (i.e. being audited by the IRS)

  • Tax penalties and interest from incorrect or late tax filings

  • Insecurity and uncertainty about whether you’re making a profit

  • Bookkeeping is a nagging chore

Get your life back!

Every business owner hates bookkeeping, but it’s part of owning a business. Most business owners put the bookkeeping on the back burner and when they finally get to it it’s time consuming and painful. They spend their evenings and weekends doing it which is not what evenings and weekends are for.

Not only is bookkeeping time consuming, it’s difficult. You have to understand debits and credits, the double-entry system, what is and is not deductible for tax purposes, how to do bank reconciliations and much more. You are the revenue driver of your business and your time should be spent making things happen and making money.

Shouldn’t evenings and weekends be spent with family and friends doing the things you enjoy? We think so, which is why our service is much more than bookkeeping. It’s a Virtual Financial Management service which takes away the hassle and gives you your time back.

I help you work smarter, grow faster and go farther!