Corporate Services

In today’s world, it can be challenging to find and retain high-quality employees. Gone are the days when people stayed in one place for all or most of their careers. And as employees move on, companies lose critical intellectual capital and expertise.

Without adequate resources, businesses often postpone new projects or fail to finish existing ones. And when those initiatives concern financials, their neglect can negatively impact cost savings, revenues, work stress, and employee motivation.

CAC provides short and longer term project management, accounting assistance, and audit support. Whether your project involves carving out or reorganizing a finance department, an Interim Controller, or an expert to solve a complex financial problem, CAC can serve as your “missing piece.” CAC's corporate services include:

  • Reconciling and unwinding large account balances

  • Unraveling complicated transactions

  • Reconstructing events from complicated or incomplete data

  • Tracing funds and assets

  • Interim and out-sourced controllership functions

  • Finance department carve outs and reorganizations

  • Consulting, project management, and process improvement

  • Audit support and coordination