Small Business Services

Failure to keep good financial records can be a costly mistake. Business success depends not only on sufficient cash flow, but also on consistent and effective tracking practices. Having up-to-date records gives you a clear picture of whether you’re meeting business goals—or if you have veered off course.

Tax preparation is also critical to success. CAC takes a proactive versus reactive approach. Leveraging CAC’s expertise allows tax season to become an insignificant part of your year, instead of a time to dread.

Having a trusted accounting and tax partner frees up your time and resources to do what you do best. CAC's full range of accounting and tax services includes:

  • Bookkeeping: recording and summarizing business transactions

  • Reconciling bank statements

  • General ledger cleanup and review

  • Financial statement preparation

  • QuickBooks setup and consultation

  • Income tax preparation

  • Incorporation assistance